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Aqualine offers a wide range of customizable services to cater to your specific needs.
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Image Service
Complete Exterior Detail

We use advanced products and techniques to cleanse your vehicle's exterior thoroughly, removing dirt, grime, and contaminants. This process rejuvenates your car's shine, leaving it spotless and protected from environmental elements.

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Complete Interior Detail

We meticulously clean and sanitize your car's interior. We remove dust, dirt, stains, and odors using top-quality products and techniques. This process rejuvenates your vehicle's interior, leaving it fresh, hygienic, and comfortable for a superior driving experience.

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Graphene Coats and Advanced Paint Protection

A premium service that restores your car's paint finish to perfection. We use advanced techniques to remove imperfections like swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation, enhancing the overall appearance. This process brings out the full luster and depth of your vehicle's paint, providing a showroom-quality finish.

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Advanced Odor Removal

Our experts employ sophisticated techniques and specialized products to perform thorough odor removal. This process targets and neutralizes unpleasant smells in your car's interior, leaving it fresh and clean. Whether it's cigarette smoke, pet odors, or food smells, we ensure a pleasant driving experience.


C.E.A Detail
(Our Newest Package)

$99(~1.0 hour)

  • Interior
  • Vacuum
  • Floor Mat Wipe Down
  • Panel Scrub Down
  • Air Freshener Spray
  • Exterior
  • Deep Foam Wash
  • Acid Clean on Rim Faces
  • Spray Wax Finish
  • Windows and Mirrors (In and Out)
  • Trim & Tire Shine
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Essential Detail
(Our Best Value)

$169(~1.5 hours)

  • *Everything in C.E.A, Plus: 
  • Interior
  • Floor Mat Shampoo (Quick Foam Scrub and Stripe)
  • Seat Wipe Down
  • Air Freshener Spray
  • Exterior
  • Citra-Soak™ Pre-Soak
  • Acid Scrub Inside Rims
  • Trim & Tire Shine
  • Windows and Mirrors (In and Out)
  • Cherry Wax Polishing with Orbital Tool
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Premium Detail
(The Perfect Blend)

$349(~3 hours)

  • *Everything in Essential, Plus: 
  • Interior
  • Seat Upholstery Shampoo/ Decontamination
  • Floor Mat Deep Shampoo (Full Scrub and Extract)
  • UV Vinyl and Leather Protectant
  • Exterior
  • Full Decon. Wash:
  • • Iron & Tar Remover
  • • Clay Bar Decontamination
  • • ISP Surfactant Removal
  • Cherry Wax Polishing with Orbital Tool
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(Our Most Advanced and In-Depth Detail)

$499(~5 hours)

  • *Everything in Premium, Plus: 
  • Interior
  • Headliner Shampoo
  • Full Carpet Shampoo
  • Full Steam Clean Disinfectant
  • Advanced Deodorizer
  • Exterior
  • 1-Step Paint Correction:
  • • All-in-One Scratch Removal Compound
  • • Removes 75-85+% of Imperfections
  • • Upgrades Available for Long Lasting Protection
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*Price is Subject to Change Based on Vehicle Size and Condition
For Commercial Pricing, Contact Us! 

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Rain-Proof shine. Guaranteed

Enjoy peace of mind: Rain within 24 hours, we'll return to wipe it down and maintain that showroom shine!

Full Headlight Restoration

Experience crystal-clear vision with our comprehensive full headlight restoration service.

Deluxe Paint Correction

Unlock the true beauty of your vehicle with our premium 3-stage paint correction service. Our expert technicians meticulously restore your car's paintwork to perfection, addressing imperfections such as swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation. Experience the ultimate in paint perfection with our 3-stage paint correction service. Elevate your ride and make a lasting impression on the road. Book your appointment today!

Graphene + ceramic Coats

Unleash the brilliance of your vehicle with our cutting-edge ceramic coats, engineered to provide an unparalleled shield against environmental contaminants, UV rays, and harsh weather conditions. Elevate your car's aesthetic allure while ensuring long-lasting protection, as our ceramic coats create a hydrophobic barrier, keeping your vehicle flawlessly sleek and effortlessly resilient.

Full Pet Hair Removal

Say goodbye to pet hair woes with our comprehensive full pet hair removal service, leaving your car hairless.

Engine bay cleaning

Give your car's heart a makeover with our precision engine bay cleaning, ensuring optimal performance & aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can i schedule services at my location?
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Do I need to make an appointment for a car Detailing?
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How long does a mobile detailing service take?
What payment methods do you accept?
Can you remove pet hair and odors?

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Renowned for their exceptional expertise in understanding and nurturing the needs of vehicles, ensuring peak performance and longevity.
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Professional Services
At Aqualine Performance, professionalism meets convenience. Our dedicated team delivers top-quality service right at your doorstep, ensuring your vehicle gleams.
High-End Equipment
We spare no expense in using high-end, state-of-the-art equipment, guaranteeing your vehicle receives the utmost care and attention for a truly luxurious, showroom-quality finish.
Customer satisfaction
We are dedicated to ensuring customer happiness. Our aim is to surpass your expectations with every mobile car detail, leaving your vehicle spotless and you smiling.


Maddy Robles

5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews

"Shawn and Tyler did an amazing job on my car. Compared to before it feels practically brand new and I would definitely go to them again."

Trevor Hunton

5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews

"Thanks Shawn and Tyler from Aqualine for taking care of Zen Aire.Are vans haven’t been this clean.Highly Recommend."


5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews

"Their service satisfied me 200%.They arrived at the right time and provided me with a service, and I was very surprised at the result. It's worth the money"

Shaylee Welch

5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews

"Wow!!! I have taken my car to get detailed when I first bought it because the person who had it before me had dogs and there was hair EVERYWHERE!!! They were not able to get it out and ether was I.I’m so thankful to have met these guys at Aqualine Performance!! They literally removed my seats to get the hair out. They went above and beyond, I never thought my car would look the way it does! 5 stars to these guys I’ll never go anywhere else and you’d be dumb to waist your money on someone else when you have Aqualine Performance!!"

Katelyne Moody

5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews

"Aqualine Performance provided me with the best mobile detailing experience in Vegas. They arrived on time, communication was top notch, and the service was WELL above what I expected. Their pricing is very affordable for the quality of work they do, and the products they use. I cannot wait to take advantage of their monthly detailing package so that my car is always looking great! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

Gabrielle Mullen

5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews

"I recently had my car treated to Aqualine Performance's complete detailing service, and let me tell you, it was fantastic! They came right to me, which made it super convenient, and my car came out looking absolutely amazing. It was clean and shiny on the outside, and inside, it smelled  fresh and looked incredibly clean. The guys who worked on it were really friendly, and I was seriously impressed with the job they did. I highly recommend giving them a try – they're awesome, and I'll definitely be going back. Big thanks to Aqualine Performance for making my car look and feel fantastic!"

Dylan Bradley

5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews

"My truck has been needing a cleaning for a long time! I highly recommend using them. They did an amazing job inside and out and exceeded my expectations! They showed up on time and took their time! They made my truck look better then when it came off the showroom!"


5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews

"I loved it!! I have to say that I have used many places to detail my car and never was  completely satisfied, but when aqualine cleaned my car, it was the first time that I didn't  have to ask them to go and clean it again. If you are looking to have your money well spent,  use their service!"

Roland Narvaez

5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews5-Star Reviews

"Shawn and Tyler did an amazing job on my truck. It looks 200% better than the day I first drove it off the dealership lot when I purchased it. I also got a text the day after their service was complete that they  would come back tomorrow and spot check my truck as it rained hours after they were done with the truck. I  highly recommend this company trust me they will not disappoint."


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